Avoiding problem with åäö in file names on your website

Clean Image Filenames


If you use another language than english on your website you might encounter trouble in displaying images. Some servers and browsers will not show your images correct if the file name includes letters such as åäö or they contain blank space.

This plugin automatically changes the filename from “Smörgåsbordet På Midsommar.jpg” to “smargasbordet-pa-midsommar.jpg” when you upload the image.

The plugin name might lead you to think that it only works on image files but it actually works on all uploaded file types. There is however no function for changing already uploaded files.


  • A big benefit with this plugin installed is that if you change to another web host that can’t handle special signs then the filenames are automatically corrected and this will save you a lot of time.
  • Clean Image Filenames works on WordPress Multisite.
  • The plugin is free to download at WordPress.org. If however you are satisfied with the plugin please feel free to donate money to the developers.


The plugin is easily installed and there are very few settings that need to be done.


Good to know

You can still have ÅÄÖ and other signs in your image description, title text and alt text.

Do you want to know more?

Read more about the plugin here.

The header-image is borrowed from WordPress.org.