DIBS for WooCommerce now available for free!

Our work with releasing free payment gateways for WooCommerce continues. Earlier this year we released free Klarna and AfterPay gateways and now we’re very proud to announce that DIBS for WooCommerce (D2 platform) is available for free at wordpress.org. You can download the plugin here.

Thanks to a continued close partnership with DIBS we’re able to make it easier for you as an e-commerce merchant to get started with DIBS without any extra cost for the connection between the two systems.

New features

The plugin is based on the same code as the version distributed via woothemes.com but the new version also include the following:

  • Support for MobilePay Online.
  • Payment Window is now replaced by Flexwin throughout the entire extension.
  • The possibility to switch card (or payment method) for subscription payments without actually have to charge the card.

Updating to the new version – this is what you need to think about

If you’re currently using the version available at woothemes.com and want to switch, you need to consider a couple of things:

  • Deactivate the old version before activating the new one. When you have activated the new, your settings from the old version will still be available.
  • If you want to keep your settings you need to delete the old version manually via SFTP. If you delete it via WordPress admin the settings will also be deleted and you need to enter them again.
  • The new version does not support the payment method Payment Window anymore. If you’re using Payment Window today you need to enter new credentials (obtained from DIBS) when you update the plugin.
  • If you want to be able to make refunds in DIBS directly from WooCommerce you need to create something called API credentials in DIBS backoffice and enter these in the extension settings.
  • If you use the extension together with WooCommerce Subscriptions you need to make a small change in DIBS backoffice. Read more about it in the documentation.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the new version or if you need some kind of support during the update.