How to move your store to Klarnas new improved platform

Two new plugins

During the winter Krokedil has launched two new plugins for Klarna – Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payments for the new improved v3 platform. To be able to use the new plugins you need to get a new Klarna account, for the new platform.

Change to any of the new plugins

The old plugin (Klarna for WooCommerce) will gradually be replaced by the two new plugins. For you as a merchant, it’s a good idea to begin the process of moving to one of the new plugins. Krokedil won’t continue to develop the old plugin, all future development will be in the new plugins.

What’s the difference between the old and the new platform?

Klarna Checkout

  • The new KCO plugin has support for Klarnas global checkout. This means that customers from over 160 countries can use the checkout (fallback to card payments).
  • The new plugin doesn’t require a separate checkout page and no unique shortcode. Instead, it follows the WooCommerce standard checkout flow as much as possible.
  • Better compatibility with other plugins that extends the functionality in the checkout (newsletter, extra checkout fields and so on). We can’t guarantee 100% support, but much better than with the old one.


Klarna Payments

  • Klarna Payments offers all of Klarnas payment methods but as a regular payment method in WooCommerce standard checkout.
  • The older system (KPM) that offered Klarna invoice and installment is now replaced with Klarna Payments.
  • Next to the selection of the payment method a small Klarna widget will appear where the customer can read more about the payment method they choose.

Move from Klarna V2 to Klarna V3

  1. Report to Klarna that you want to start the transition to the new platform.
  2. Follow the guide in the documentation how you change från the old plugin to the new.