Klarna retires the v2 platform

In the beginning of 2021 Klarna will retire their old Klarna Checkout v2 (KCOv2) and Klarna Payment Gateways (KPM). The plugins we here at Krokedil have developed replaces those old plugins.

If you’re still using KPM you should therefore upgrade to Klarna Payments for WooCommerce and if you’re still using KCOv2 you should upgrade to Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce.

If you’re unsure on what platform you are using today you can check your store ID (EID). If this contains numbers only you’re using one of the older products. You can find your EID on Klarna Online or in the Welcome e-mail you received when you started using your Klarna products.

FAQ and documentation

Klarna has collected frequently asked questions to help you with upgrading your Klarna product to the latest version on this link.

You can also read the Klarna documentation Move to Klarna’s new and improved platform.

If you today are using subscriptions through KCOv2 you can read about how to move a subscription order from WooCommerce Klarna Gateway to Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce here.