New version of Ecster Pay released

New version of Ecster Pay for WooCommerce has been released.

After a lot of figuring out, coding and a successful collaboration between Krokedil and Ecster, we can now proudly present a completely new version of Ecster Pay for WooCommerce. In the new version of the plugin, the checkout flow has changed and the functionality is closer to WooCommerce’s standard checkout when it comes to how and when the order is created in the e-commerce platform.

This makes Ecster Pay more compatible with other plugins that also extends the functionality in the checkout. For instance it’s easier to add extra fields like letting the customer sign up for a newsletter, add a VAT identification number or choose delivery point.

A new front end event from Ecster creates the order in WooCommerce when the customer clicks the buy button in Ecster and the order will then be Pending in WooCommerce. After this the purchase is completed at Ecster and the status is then set to Processing in WooCommerce.

The new flow means that orders can be seen as Pending in WooCommerce even when the order has not been processed by Ecster, for instance if a card was declined due to lacking funds. This is part of the general flow in WooCommerce and does not mean that something is wrong.

Apart from this we have also made some minor changes and fixes that improve and speed up the plugin.

Read more and download Ecster Pay here.