Partial Delivery for WooCommerce

We have now launched Partial Delivery for WooCommerce – a plugin that enables merchants to ship parts of an order with one or several items in each delivery.

You may have some products in your online store that need some form of special delivery and these therefore need to be sent separately from other products in an order? Or you have stock in different places and want to be able to send out everything directly to your customer from the current warehouses. You accept orders for products that are in stock together with products that are temporarily out of stock. Then perhaps you also want to offer the customer the service to send the products that are in stock today and the remaining when they are back in stock?

Via a logical interface you are able to send one or several items in each delivery. Customers can see the items and quantity delivered to them via their My account page and as a merchant you can easily view and keep track of each delivery in an order.

Automated flow for backordered products

If you allow selling of products on backorder in your store, there is a feature to automatically create partial deliveries when an order contains a backordered product.

When you as a merchant change the status of the original order to Completed, the plugin will check if the order contains any backordered products. If one exists in the order, the available products will be added to a new partial delivery order.

The partial delivery can now be shipped to the customer and the backordered product is still in the original order waiting to be shipped when the product is back in stock again.

Supports order management with Klarna and Nets

If your payment provider has support for activating and canceling orders on a per order line basis, order management can be done with partial delivery orders just like regular orders.

Currently this feature is supported if you use Klarna CheckoutKlarna Payments or Nets Easy as your payment method. Support for more payment solutions will be added in the future.

Read more and buy Partial Delivery for WooCommerce here.