Run Klarna Checkout with multiple currencies in WooCommerce

Klarna’s latest payment method Klarna Checkout is a very convenient and popular way for online retailers to take payments. Klarna Checkout (also called KCO) is listed as one of four payment options in our Klarna module for WooCommerce.

“KCO currently works for sellers and buyers in Sweden, Norway and Finland. For each country you want to sell to you need a contract with Klarna. Your store has to be able to change the currency and country code that is sent to Klarna so it is consistent with the country the customer is coming from.

This means that if for example have a Swedish store (where the base country is set to Sweden and the currency to SEK) and you have a Norwegian customer who wants to pay with Klarna Checkout, your store has to switch the currency to NOK and at the same time inform Klarna that it is a Norwegian purchase. Our Klarna module is prepared for this, but as WooCommerce doesn´tsupport multiple currencies in its basic version, you need to install additional plugins for this.

Multiple currencies in WooCommerce – here’s how to do it

To enable support for multiple currencies, you need to install one of the following plugins:

Correct settings in Klarna Checkout

Once you have created multiple currencies and you see that it works in your store  it’s time to set Klarna Checkout.

  • For each country you have agreements with Klarna you fill in Eid and Shared Secret on the settings page for the module.

  • It is also important that you indicate the checkout page and thank you page for each country , although these pages are the same for all countries. This feature is designed for those who also have different languages ​​in their store .

  • Also remember that each checkout page and thank you page need to have the shortcode [ woocommerce_klarna_checkout ] pasted on the page.

All is done

Once this is done , everything should work . Klarna module works automatically sets the country to Sweden if the currency SEK is chosen, Norway if NOK is chosen and Finland if EUR is chosen. In order for everything to run as smoothly as possible for the customer he/she needs to choose currency before KCO – checkout loaded. After this it´s more difficult to change the country.

Good luck with sales in several Nordic countries with Klarna Checkout!