The new is here

Okay, we’re live. The new and is here. The sites has received a major facelift and this is now one website in two different languages – English and Swedish. Earlier the content differed quite a lot between the two sites.

Take a look at our plugins

We’ve been selling WooCommerce extensions for more than two years now and we thought that it was about time to promote them a bit clearer on our own site and not just on 🙂 Feel free to head over to our Plugins page for a closer look.

More to come

Before the relaunch we tried to streamline and remove part of the content. But we have several ideas in the pipeline and I think we can promise some changes and additions during the spring.

We gladly receive any opinions regarding the new site in the comments below. Good or bad. In any case, we’re very pleased to have launched our project. It’s always the hardest to design your own stuff… 🙂