Two new Billmate plugins

Krokedil and Billmate in close collaboration

Billmate has released two new plugins that is developed together with Krokedil that will make your every day work with WooCommerce easier.

Billmate Checkout

First up is the brand new development of their previous checkout plugin and is an embedded checkout solution that includes all popular payment methods like Debit & Credit card, Swish, Invoice, Installment and direct bank transfer.

This new plugin has a flow that’s closer to the flow of the WooCommerce standard checkout when it comes to how and when the order is created in the e-commerce platform. This makes Billmate Checkout more compatible with other plugins that also extends the functionality in the checkout. For instance it’s easier to to add extra fields like letting the customer sign up for a newsletter or choose delivery point.

A number of online stores have been pilots for the new plugin and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their feedback initially, which has been invaluable for us.

Billmate Order Management

In addition to this we also developed Billmate Order Management for WooCommerce – a plugin for automatic order handling.

This functionality was earlier in the same plugin, but we chose to split them up for faster updates. This also let users who don’t have the need for order management in WooCommerce to minimize the number of sources of errors in the synchronization of order data.

Read more about Billmate Checkout and Billmate Order Management.