Update your Klarna payment gateway for WooCommerce

Over the last month we have made several small, but important, updates to the Klarna payment gateway for WooCommerce. The changelog with detailed information can be found here.

Avoid conflicts with caching plugins

One important change is that we have reduced the risk of conflicts between the checkout page for Klarna Checkout and various caching plugins. Previously if you specifically hadn’t excluded the KCO checkout page from being cached, in some cases it could cause problems.

In version this problem is solved. We recommend you to update to the latest version of the Klarna extension and then clear your cache.

Keep your plugins up to date

It’s a good idea to keep WordPress and installed plugins up to date to avoid bugs and security breaches. To get access to updates and get notified when new versions are available, make sure to activate your license key you retrieved when you purchased the plugin. More information about how to register your license key for your WooCommerce extension can be found here.