Version 2.0 of Klarna for WooCommerce is here!

Updated with a number of new features and support for UK and US.

We are proud, happy and excited. After ten months of development and nearly 400 commits it’s finally time for the launch of version 2.0 of our plugin Klarna for WooCommerce.

The module has been available on the market since late 2011, but the new version contains a number of improvements and new features. With the release, the extension also becomes an official Klarna payment module for WooCommerce.

Among the features introduced in the new version you find an improved Klarna Checkout page, support for subscription payments (in Sweden and Norway) and an automated order flow that can be managed directly from WooCommerce. Klarna has quite recently entered the UK & US market and the new version also supports these countries.

Soon available for free at WooThemes

With the release of version 2.0, the plugin is planned to be available for free download via This makes it easier to get started if you want to test Klarna as a payment solution in your WooCommerce store. All details are not finalized yet though – at the moment the plugin still costs from $79.

What’s new in WooCommerce Klarna gateway version 2.0?

WooCommerce Klarna gateway contains several different payment methods. In this post we’re sometimes referring to them as KCO and KPM. KCO = Klarna Checkout. KPM = Klarna Payment Method (invoice & part payment).

If you already are using the Klarna payment gateway you should be able to update to version 2.0 without any problems or actual changes in your store. However, if you want to take advantage of the new features you will need to resave the settings and make a couple of adjustments in the Klarna Checkout page.

Here are the main new features in version 2.0.

An improved Klarna Checkout page (KCO)

Via a new shortcode you’re now able to display a mini cart on the Klarna Checkout page. The customer is able to edit the cart contents, change shipping options, handle coupons and add an order note.


By improving the way we retrieve the entered customer details in the Klarna Checkout form you’re now (together with shipping extensions like Table Rate Shipping) able to offer different shipping options depending on the customers address or post code.

Handle Klarna orders directly from WooCommerce

When a purchase is done in your store you now have the possibility to update, activate, cancel and refund orders in Klarna’s system directly from WooCommerce. A feature that makes your day to day work a bit easier and decreases the time spent on each order.

Support for subscriptions in Sweden and Norway (KCO)

Together with WooCommerce Subscriptions, Klarna Checkout now has support for recurring payments in Sweden and Norway.

Available in more countries (KCO)

Version 2.0 introduces support for Klarna Checkout in US, UK and Austria.

Support for multiple Euro-countries (KCO)

If you’re selling to multiple Euro-countries (Finland, Germany and Austria) you can now add a country switcher in the Klarna Checkout page to make it available for the customer to select which checkout to display.

No more cancelled orders (KCO)

In previous versions a new WooCommerce order was created directly when the Klarna Checkout iframe was rendered for the first time. If the customer didn’t finalize the purchase, the order was left among all other orders (as Cancelled or Pending depending on your WooCommerce settings). This doesn’t happen anymore. KCO orders aren’t displayed among regular orders (and no products are reserved) until the purchase is finalized at Klarna.

Show that you’re selling with Klarna

We have added a widget that makes it easy to display a logotype that informs your customers that you’re selling with Klarna.

Payment Method Widget available for Klarna Checkout (KCO)

The payment method widget informs consumers which payment methods you offer and calculates the total monthly cost for the consumer. In previous versions this feature has only been available for merchants using Klarna part payment. Now it’s also available if you’re selling with Klarna Checkout.

Three payment methods becomes two (KPM)

Klarna Invoice, Part payment and Special campaign is also known as KPM. These three payment methods now become two. Klarna Special campaign is now automatically displayed as an option in Invoice or Part payment (depending on the country) when a campaign is available.

Improved placement of the get address feature (KPM)

The get address feature that is available for Swedish customers is now displayed above the billing form in the checkout instead of next to the payment method selection.

Improved flow for orders that need manual inspection (KPM)

When a customer pays via Invoice or Part payment the order might get marked Needs pending approval from Klarna. In previous version this check had to be done manually by you as a merchant. In version 2.0 the order status is now set to On hold and a cron job is activated that every other hour checks if the current status has changed in Klarnas system.

Initiated support for Klarna Checkout’s remarking feature (KCO)

When the Klarna Checkout iframe is rendered a hidden order is created in WooCommerce with the order status kco-incomplete. If the purchase isn’t finalized but the customer enters her email address in the form this information is stored in the hidden order. At the moment we don’t have support for a specific abandoned cart extension/service but if you’ve got ideas we would very much like to hear what you have to say.

Time to update!

As usual in case of a major update it’s good to backup your website before actually updating the plugin. If you have a test environment where you can do the update first, it’s even better. Other than that – time to update! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Version 2.0 of Klarna for WooCommerce is here!

  1. Hej

    Går det inte att uppdatera klarna modulen i backend som man uppdaterar det flesta andra modulerna? Uppdateringen visas som vanligt men inget händer när man klickar på “uppdatera nu”.


    1. Hej Gunnar,
      Jo det ska fungera som vanligt. Du kanske kan dubbelkolla så att din licens fortfarande är giltig och att du använder dig av WooThemes Helper-plugin som behövs för att kunna uppdatera modulen direkt från WordPress admin.

      1. Hej Niklas

        Tackar för svaret, licensen är giltig och WooThemes Helper-pluginet är installerat. Skall även lägga ett suportärende till WooThemes, kanske det kan ha något att göra med den senaste versionen av Woocommerce. Men alla andra pluggin går utmärkt att uppdatera så det är lite konstigt.

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